Long long ago, in a small town far far away, Aaron and some of his friends decided to give home brewing a try. They gathered all their supplies and brewed some of the finest home brews this side of the Mississippi. They collected their bottles, filled them up and capped them off. Aaron put them in his basement for safe aging. It wasn't too many days later and they started to hear bottles blowing up. The beer continued to ferment in the bottles and the gas buildup had nowhere to go. They rushed to the closet and found broken bottles blasted everywhere.

After a brief hiatus and a little embarrassment , Aaron fired up the home brew set again and started brewing with more care and a lot of passion. To his surprise, the second batch didn't blow up. So he continued to brew more and more. After a few more years under his belt and with the help of family and friends he opened Bad Habit Brewing Company. Now, many more years into the business, he has added 4 full time employees and a handful of incredibly talented people. 

Come enjoy a pint of beer at Bad Habit and become a part of our family!